Thursday, February 3, 2011

Social Media

I am an avid shopper. It's a problem that I have. So, for this week's blog I decided to follow my favorite clothing retailer on Facebook and Twitter: American Eagle Outfitters. I have shopped at this retailer for many years. I have even been sucked into their loyalty program. So, it only seemed right to follow something I surround myself with every Saturday afternoon.

When I clicked the "Like" and "Follow" buttons, my news feed instantly changed. I got updates on when new collections were coming out, what days I can get double AE Rewards Points, what sales are going on and when, what online deals you can get, and even printable coupons that are exclusive to Facebook and Twitter followers.

I already knew that American Eagle gives incentives for people buying merchandise from their store, but I never knew that you could get online coupons just by liking them. This made me appreciate the company even more and maybe even make me feel less guilty for spending money on them. To me it makes American Eagle seem thankful for our business but they twist it to make it an advantage by getting people to buy more. It's genius!

I love American Eagle. I always have. But thanks to their loyalty programs, I can now enjoy AE merchandise at a significant discount. Awesome.

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