Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Broadband Challenge

Internet, what would I do without you?

I have been given a challenge. A challenge that most Generation Xers would not be able to complete: use the Internet for everything. My parents are technologically challenged. The Internet confuses them and the only piece of new technology they have is a cellphone.

For me, it's the opposite. Technology is my life. There isn't a day when I'm not watching my favorite movies or TV shows online. Even talking to people is a hassle without Internet. I use it for everything. Socializing, communicating, researching, entertainment. Internet makes everything accessible to me instantly. I don't have to wait for a letter or go take the bus to the library to do simple research. I have everything I need at my fingertips. And the best thing about it is that it's free! I don't need to pay for cable, gas, postage, or software.

The only downside to watching TV shows online is the advertising. Usually, people rely on the Internet to get away from the 3 minute advertising intermissions when watching a TV show. But at least when you're watching the show on an actual television you can channel surf. On the Internet, you have to watch it. But the most annoying thing is pop-up advertising. It is so obnoxious. Multiple advertising windows open up and make noise right when you're about to watch your show. So you have to pause it, find that window, and close it every time.

The advertising associated with listening to music wasn't as intrusive. It didn't make the experience any less enjoyable.

Although the challenge was to do everything online, I have cheated and used my cellphone for talking and texting when my computer wasn't available. But hey, if I had internet on my phone, I probably would be using that for all of my on-the-go internet needs.

The only thing that was very difficult for me was to use online programs that were the equivalent to my Adobe design programs on my computer. I felt really uneasy about it. I prefer to have my programs available to me and me only. I would not replace my applications with online ones it that situation. If for some reason the internet doesn't allow me to use these free online programs when I really need it I'm in big trouble.

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