Thursday, March 3, 2011

Branded Utilities

I would love to say that I use branded utilities a lot, but I can't. Although I am on the internet almost 24/7, I rarely use applications made by branded companies. Honestly, what I use most often are games posted on Facebook such as Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, and even the old school game of Tetris. These branded utilities are the best time killers and procrastination tools. However, they are the least productive and informational applications out there.

I do not own a smart phone. Actually, my mobile device is the farthest from a smart phone. But if I had one, an iPhone preferably, I would load it with apps that have to do with movies, music, and shopping.

There are some brands that I think could benefit from brand utilities. American Eagle Outfitters could make an app that has to do with their loyalty program. I am part of this program and how it works is that you can acquire points for every dollar you spend at American Eagle. However, you have to bring in your points card to get the point otherwise you have to go online to input the receipt information. American Eagle should have an app that lets forgetful customers input that information right away or provide the customer with the points card number so that the cashier can type in the number.